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Link Locator makes it easy to use a simple HTML link to locate a person.

Generate a Link

Generate a Link

Link Locator will generate a unique tracking HTML link just for you! You will even get to choose where the link will send you. When a person clicks on the link, an attempt is made, using Google location services, to retrieve the location of the device. Worst case scenario a location is derived using an IP address.

Get a Click

Get a Click

It's up to you to have someone click on the link. Once they do the location of the persons device will be retrieved and the person will be quickly forwarded onto the webpage of your choosing.

View the Location

View the Location

On your personal link portfolio page, the status of all of your unique tracking links are displayed in a convenient form. If a person has clicked one of your links, you will see the location, the accuracy, and a map with the location plotted even if IP address geolocation is used. This information is displayed as soon as the link is clicked.

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Q: What is the Link Locator service?

A: Link Locator is a service that helps you find the location of a person by generating a unique web link, just for you, that when clicked attempts to use the browsers geolocation API to find the location of the person who clicked the link. This location is then presented to you on your private Links page.

If acquiring a location from the devices GPS fails, then the system will return an IP geolocation. IP Location services are similar however, IP location services can only provide a rough location that has a large margin of error.

Q: Why would I ever need this service?

A: There are many reasons why you may want to determine the location of someone through a click of a link. You may want to ensure your children are located where you think they are. You may have a significant other that is not always honest about their whereabouts.

Q: So I have to get someone to click on something for this to work?

A: Yes, and not only that they have to allow their location to be shared to get the devices super accurate location! However, even if the users GPS location is not sharable, their IP address geolocation will be provided.

Q: What does the person see when they click on the links?

A: Whatever you want them to! You get to decide what web page they are redirected to after they click on the link. For a very small amount of time, they will be on our special web pages that retrieve their location, but very quickly will be redirected to the page of your choice.

Q: What do I see when they click on the link?

A: You, as the service user, will have a private page with all your generated links and their status listed. If a user clicks on one of your links, the status will reflect "clicked", the time they clicked, and you will be able to see their location and the accuracy of their location.

Q: How do I send the link to them?

A: You can send it to them pretty much any possible way. Two of the most popular ways would be SMS messaging and/or email. Facebook messaging isnt a good choice because their webview browser does not support the geolocation API.

Q: Does this service cost anything?

A:  Links do have a very small fee depending on how long you want the link to last.  You can also save money by purchasing links in bulk.